Color film photograph of birds flying in the evening over Santa Barbara, ca in 2006

I am a Senior Product Manager & Design Strategy MBA trained in Human Centered Design, user research, UX, digital marketing analytics, & data-driven software development.

I am the business end of the design stick.

I am also a (fairly crappy) student of Japanese wood joinery, a (mediocre) photographer, an (amateur) art collector, a (somewhat cheap) single malt enthusiast, a proud (but often absent) member of Double Union, & a passionate (maybe a bit too much) advocate for making shit that matters.

You can take a gander at my resume here (login required), a glance at my Product Management portfolio here (also password protected), or read the intro to the book I’m working on, The Craft of Product (password required) here.  If you would like a password to any of these sections,  fill out this contact form below.  You can find me on LinkedIn here.

You can even ask me Product Management questions on Quora or Medium. 

If I am currently teaching at General Assembly in San Francisco- you can also ping me on Slack and ask Product questions every other Friday.