Inspirations & Influences

This is a short list of people, institutions, & movements that have inspired me, expanded my vision, and/or pioneered methodologies that I use in my own work and thus have also radically intensified my appreciation for life.

The first two on this list of influences form the basis of “The Craft Of Product.”

Carol Gilligan: “The Ethics of Care”
David Pye: “The Nature and Art of Workmanship”
Edward Tufte
Gaston Bachelard
Hannah Arendt
Charles and Ray Eames
Walter Benjamin
Diane Arbus
Gregory Crewdson
Chris Ware
Roland Barthes
Rebecca Solnit
Steven Levitt
Adrienne Rich
Eve Kokofsky Sedgewick
Adam Kalkin
Alchemy Architects
Stephen Shore
Jorge Luis Borges
Nathan Shedroff